Merkur Fairs

Merkur Fairs, textile machinery and accessories, especially shoes and side industries; building and construction in-dustry; furniture and home textiles; heating and cooling systems, food and technology; agricultural machinery, ani-mal husbandry systems and organizes trade shows for the apparel industry.
Since 2003, especially Middle Eastern countries focused on serving the international trade field Turkey Ministry of Economy, Foreign Trade Regulations document with Merkur Fairs, Libya, Algeria, Ghana, Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Su-dan, Tunisia, Turkey fairs in South Korea and Brazil National providing participation.
Merkur Fairs, the organization should both experience and qualified staff Fair aims to provide maximum benefit at all fairs attended by Turkish participants basing on the same seriousness and the entire organization.

Quality policy

All existing and potential customers by identifying their needs and expectations and work with them to develop appropriate solutions, and in this context; "The quality of service provided to customers and defines the benefits provided" principle of our movement, the satisfaction of customer needs and expectations, "until the exhibited products at the exhibition area of the fair deal" to take into account in all activities and processes.
According to Merkur Fairs; "The development of an organization's quality policy depends on the needs and expectations of all of its employees and the extent to which fixed the maximum level of effort necessary for it to be shown."


Developing within the framework of innovative and quality principles to contemporary exhibition service, respectable image and to organize high international fairs, exhibitors to contribute to creating a strong cooperation in the interna-tional arena, measuring the needs and expectations of the participants to meet with the right market, contributing to the participants and Turkey's economy and the public that we are attached to both legislation organizations meet their expectations and needs.


Edit that provide world-class service with fair of Turkish products to promote the quality and image in the international arena and contribute to enhancing the participants to new markets and business opportunities to create a respected, trusted and be an effective international exhibition companies ..